Yokohama ADVAN A052

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The ADVAN A052 is Yokohama's Extreme Performance Summer tire developed for drivers who use their street-driven vehicles to participate in high-performance driving schools, autocross, and open track events and want Yokohama's highest level of DOT-approved performance. Like all Extreme Performance Summer tires, the ADVAN A052 is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The ADVAN A052 molds Yokohama's motorsports MS Compound into a track-ready, asymmetric tread design for extreme levels of grip. The low-void tread pattern features wide center ribs and an expansive outboard shoulder for maximum traction, and the rounded tread profile helps to evenly distribute pressure across the footprint, creating more contact with the road. Notches in the outboard micro groove improve cooling for added durability and consistency when used on the track. Two wide, circumferential grooves and the notched inboard shoulder help evacuate water from the tread pattern to enhance hydroplaning resistance.

A casing consisting of two plies of nylon cord supports two wide, steel belts beneath the tread and helps contribute to precise and responsive handling. Two spirally-wound, nylon reinforcement plies improve high-speed durability and further promote the steering response expected from a track-capable tire.

Important Care and Usage Instructions: Important Care and Usage Instructions: The ADVAN A052 was developed using high-performance compounds which become brittle at low temperatures, and therefore should not be used in certain conditions. ADVAN A052 tires thus must be stored or used only at temperatures at or above 14°F (-10°C) to maintain performance characteristics and to avoid any damage to the tire or injury to persons or property.