Titan 7 T-P5 (Set of Four / Satin Titanium) - 18x11.5 / +57 / 5x114.3

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T-P5 is a new CUSTOM wheel designed for the lightest weight as well as for track and autocross use. This wheel fitment is specifically for Honda S2000. 

Titan 7 is a wheel brand like no other. Our sole mission is to provide the enthusiast with the best performance wheel possible, period. We manufacture our wheels 100% in-house utilizing 10,000 TONS of industry leading pressure. Each design is fully optimized with the latest software analysis, laboratory testing, and real world track use. With over 40 years of combined experience in high level racing and wheel manufacturing - Titan 7 is poised to deliver wheels that are """"""""""""""""Forged for All"""""""""""""""".

TITAN 7 T-P5 is a fully forged wheel designed completely with performance in mind. Pressurized with 10,000 TONS of industry leading pressure to give you a wheel that is incredibly strong while giving you all of the performance attributes you need in a track focused wheel. Upon close inspection you will notice strength adding ridges which have been strategically placed to give the wheel rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. The 8 spoke design was chosen for its motorsports heritage and track worthy structure. Each wheel from Titan 7 features traction improving bead seat knurling, beefed up inner rim flange for durability and strength, and logo machined accents. All wheels are durability tested according to JWL standards to ensure safety while you perform. Authentic performance from Titan 7. Forged for All.

- TITAN 7 Forged wheels carry a Limited Lifetime Structural warranty and a 1 year warranty for factory applied surface finishes and wheel accessories.
- All Titan 7 Wheels are Fully Forged.
- Designed to decrease unsprung weight.
- Load Rated.
- Center Caps are NOT included
- Aluminum valve stem is included.
- All wheels are durability tested according to DOT / SAE and JWL / VIA standards to ensure safety while you perform.