OS SuperLock LSD for Mazda FD3S RX7/RX8

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The OS Giken Super Lock LSD uses our patented pressure ring design that allows for smooth, progressive locking. This design is a spline-through-side-gear design that allows for fitment of more friction plates (up to 2x as many as competitors versions). 

  • All components are chemically heat treated for maximum durability
  • All components are constructed from a high-grade steel alloy
  • Gears are raw-forged for maximum strength
  • Clutch disks are precision-machined simultaneously on both sides to extremely tight tolerances resulting in minimal warpage.
  • LSD case is machined from a single billet piece to ensure uniformity.

The OS LSD standard spec allows for low preload while still retaining a fully progressive 100% lock capability. Operation is quiet and the progressive locking allows for smooth predictable locking. When replacing an open diff, equipping an

OS LSD will completely improve the driving experience while maintaining everyday drivability.

OS Giken LSD - Break In Period

-No Burnouts or hard launches for the first 500 miles or 3 track weekends.
-Flush fluid after 500 miles or 3 track weekends.
-FWD cars change fluid (2) times before 1000 miles.
-After fluid flush period, you can change fluid at your own interval. We recommend at least once a year or every 15k miles. Interval can be extended as desired per fluid condition.

***The gears inside the LSD are raw forged and require time to mate to each other. This mating process will shed material and that material should not stay in the fluid for too long. If these flushes are not performed, it can damage the clutch discs and cause undesirable locking characteristics which will require overhaul to fix. ***