Jackson Racing - 2013+ FRS/BRZ/GR86 Anti-Dive Kit

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What is Anti-Dive?
Anti-dive suspension geometry is achieved by leveling the pivot axis of the control arm, thus reducing the amount of “dive” on the front end during the braking/corner-entry phase. This gives the car a more level stance under braking, allowing the driver to have a more controlled and balanced entry to the corner.

• Improved Chassis Balance 

  • Increased corner-entry feel and control

• Reduced Front End Dive 

  • More level chassis during braking phase

• All Original Design

  • CNC 6061-T6 billet aluminum offset lower arm support brackets
  • Hard anodized finish
  • CNC SS304 offset lower arm spacers o Race-developed, Championship-proven
  • Made in the USA

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