Hyperco Race Spring - 6" Length - 2.5" Diameter

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Coil-Over Springs are high-performance, aftermarket suspension springs primarily used in Motorsports and Motor Racing. Hyperco’s coil-over springs, also known as Hypercoils™, offer a wide range of free lengths and rates which provide the suspension designer latitude in creating a motion ratio for the suspension system that will permit an optimized damper or spring assembly to control a wide range of wheel travel.

Hypercoils are available in two different spring design concepts:

Optimum Body Diameter (OBD)

Optimum Body Diameter is the standard spring design for Hyperco coil-over springs. Featuring a unique design concept that adjusts the body diameter of the spring relative to the end coils, an OBD spring enables Hyperco to take full advantage of our ultra-high tensile spring materials by optimizing the applied stress through adjusting the spring’s body diameter.

Ultra High Travel (UHT)

Our Ultra High Travel springs are designed specifically for light rate / high travel coil-over applications, such as dirt and pavement racing. The UHT design meets the requirements of soft spring and big bar set-ups, and remains consistent in free length and installed height. The Ultra High Travel design features a larger “body bulge” over Hyperco’s standard OBD design, which allows for additional deflection, rate linearity, and resistance to bowing.

Key Benefits of Hypercoils OBD/UHT Coil-Over Springs

  • More usable deflection
  • Less weight than standard suspension springs
  • 2% rate linearity tolerance from 20% to 60% of deflection
  • 4% rate linearity tolerance from 61% to 80% of deflection
  • More resistant to bowing than competitor’s springs
  • Designed to fit all standard hardware
  • Maintain free length and rate throughout a near infinite operational life