Karcepts Spherical Top Hats (Pair) for Honda Shocks - For use with Penske Shocks Only

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  • Fits: 1988-2000 Civic / 1990-2001 Integra / 2000-2009 S2000
  • Top hat motion is independent of spring compression axis (coaxial)
  • +/- 9 degrees of top hat articulation
  • Eliminate friction and binding caused by rubber/poly top hats.  We have observed certain aftermarket poly designs contributing to over 50lbs of shock bind due to the inability to articulate the suspension freely throughout its motion.
  • Convert fixed hat designs to a coaxial setup, ensuring springs are compressed squarely and in-line with the shock, regardles of suspension angle
  • Prevent side loads on shock pistons and seals, increasing damper service life
  • Increase spring rate linearity
  • Large 3/4" heat treated and PTFE lined spherical bearings utilized for long life and quiet operation
  • Sold in pairs