Karcepts ND Rear Sway Bar Kit

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The Karcepts ND Rear Sway Bar Kit was designed specifically for the autocrossing world, but with such a large available range of adjustment, all forms of racing or sport driving may benefit from this product. As it pertains to autocrossing, we wanted to make certain a low enough torsion rate was obtainable with our sway bar kit. Too much rear bar, coupled with the ND Miata's low-end torque, along with aggressive autocross inputs can easily equate to undesirable on-throttle oversteer. Multiple design features were implemented to get as close to the ND's factory rear sway bar rate as possible at the full soft setting of this kit. With 9 possible adjustment settings, the perfect compromise between forward drive and on-throttle rotation can be found for different setups, surface conditions, and driving styles.

  • Sway bar rate is adjusted with one wrench, in only a few minutes
  • Rate adjustments are made with the vehicle on the ground, even at low ride heights
  • 9 possible adjustment settings, maximizing tunability and overall range
  • Billet aluminum arms optimized for strength and weight utilizing the latest FEA software
  • Light weight, zero deflection solid sway bar mounts provided for precise feel
  • Low friction, solid polymer bearings eliminate bushing bind
  • Heat treated and plated steel alloy PTFE lined endlinks and all hardware included
  • 0.625" O.D. x 0.095" wall thickness high-grade spring steel splined center section for consistent rates

View the installation instructions for any potential install/fitment questions you may have: Karcepts ND Rear Sway Bar Kit Installation Instructions

Sway Bar Rates:

OE ND Rear Sway Bar = 41 lbs/in

Karcepts ND Rear Sway Bar Kit - 0.625" O.D. x 0.095" Wall:
Hole 1/1 = 62 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 66 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 69 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 74 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 78 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 84 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 90 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 98 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 105 lbs/in
Kit Weight = 3.8 lbs