Trackside Support

We specialize in education on how to properly setup your racing shocks. Doesn't matter if you have single adjustable or quadruple adjustable shocks. We'll dedicate time to show you how to properly navigate tuning your shocks so that you are better prepared for future races and differing track conditions.

On site suspension tuning/consultation rate is between $800-$1500.00 for the day. Depends what the goal is for the day as well as the available adjustments on the car. 

For perspective, tuning struts/shocks only would start at $800.00 (which includes educating the effects shocks have on the platform). 
$1500 would be a full blown setup optimizing effort for the given track excluding driver coaching. This involves alignment changes, ride height changes, aero changes if available, tire pyrometer readings, etc) Includes explanation of why certain adjustments are done to solve the given problem. Data acquisition is highly recommended. Garage rental is required if available (BRP/Laguna/ACS).

Either way, by the end of the day you will be educated on how to move forward with your build to go faster. Different tracks require different suspension/aero settings and you will learn how to do the changes necessary to balance the car yourself from track to track. Step one is to get the baseline setup as close to optimal as possible.